Power of Visuals
A Production Company with an eye for cultural diversity and International understanding.

Motherland Productions is a Los Angeles Based Production Company. Here we harness the power of moving images to create compelling visuals that moves the heart. We specialize in audiovisual content, Feature films, commercials, Documentaries, Web content & Music Videos. We’re not just filmmakers & producers, we’re intellectual artists & strategists with experience in getting your visions to the screen and straight to your targeted audience. We take pride in creating entertaining, informative, educational & inspiring content in an ever-evolving world of communication.

Film Production
Feature films, Commercials, Documentaries, Events & Seminars, Web content, Music Videos and Many more.
Equipment Rentals
Our arsenal of equipment, caters to the modern day digital filmmakers. The filmmakers that see beyond today and leading towards the future of filmmaking in Hollywood. We provide variety of digital equipment, from a 4k RED Digital Cameras to a 4k drone inspire 1 pro, the Osmo handheld Gimbal, and many more. Our light but creative tools puts Hollywood trucks to shame & allows you to be professionally efficient, compact, and at the same time accomplish unimaginable visual capabilities.
Post Production
Here is where we bring your vision to life with our variety of non-linear Video & Audio editing software's. Avid Media Composer, Pro tools, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut X, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and the entire creative cloud.
Our Film

Creative Director

Oluwatoyin I. Adekeye

The Founder of Motherland Productions is a Hollywood based Director, a genius on a journey with elite’s vision and creative ability. With an eye for details & passion for perfection, this Filmmaker enjoys the art & challenge of crafting beautiful and compelling imagery. He was the executive producer of whole ‘nother level, a short film that went to Cannes Film Festival in France. Since Filmmaking Capital of the world has been home to this Filmmaker, he has worked on various Projects in Hollywood at different capacities from Feature films to Commercials, Documentary, Web contents, Music Videos and more.

Your work as an artist is a reflection of whom you are.



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